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      Axis ePrograms (“AeP”) can provide a low-cost misdemeanor diversion                         program to defendants represented by your office. 

We assume you would obtain the agreement from the appropriate prosecutor and/or Court allowing that the defendant to enroll and complete an AeP program  fulfilling their responsibility to the prosecutor’s office/Court. 

After said approval by the prosecutor/Court , the process is simple:

 (1) send us a referral of the defendant with defendants’ contact information and violation types;

(2) AeP will contact the defendant, enroll them and collect a $150 fee from the defendant;

(3) defendants will get from AeP a “on – line link” for the relevant class;

(4) defendant will complete a 60 – 90 minute on – line program;

(5) upon successful completion of the on – line program, AeP will send the prosecutor/Court (as applicable), your office and the defendant a completion certificate; 

(6) pursuit to your prior agreement with the prosecutor/Court, the charges for this defendant will be dismissed.


If you are interested in our programs, we can send you link to the program so you can see the program.  Or check out our website at We can also send you a formal referral form. 

Axis is managed by people who have more than 30 years of experience of delivering misdemeanor diversion programs. 


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