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Mission Statement

Axis ePrograms will provide “simple to access”, low-cost programs to a broad audience to satisfy the needs of individual defendants and the requirements of prosecutors, public defenders, and courts. The content of these programs is particularly intended to be relevant and helpful to defendants in the criminal justice system.  And, the content is intended to reduce recidivism.

  AEP is intended to provide only online, electronic services throughout the country.


AEP's parent company has some 40 years of experience delivering many types of services to the criminal justice community: misdemeanor and felony diversion programs, Driving Under the Influence programs, Batter’s Intervention Programs and intensive drug treatment programs, including Medicine Assisted Treatment Programs.

Executive Team

Diane Rosenberg , Vice President and Programing Manager at AEP. Diane has an extensive background in criminal justice programs, curriculum development and substance abuse counseling. 

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